Thursday, 5 February 2009

Conference Modernist Magazines Project

Modernism, Cultural Exchange and Transnationality: The Second Conference of the Modernist Magazines Project
Venue: Sussex, 15-17 July 2009
Key Note Speakers: Mark Morrisson (Penn State University, author of The Public Face of Modernism: Little Magazines, Audiences and Reception, 1905 -1920), Tim Benson (Rifkind Center, LA County Museum of Modern Art, editor of Central European Avant-Gardes: Exchange and Transformation 1910-1930)
More Information: Conference Folder [pdf].

The interest in much current critical debate in questions of national and transnational identities has helped restore and enliven the conception of modernism and the avant-garde as twin international formations across the arts. Magazines were instrumental in publicizing the new movements and frequently did so, singly or in the company of others, with an ambition to intervene in the public or international sphere.
The second conference of the Modernist Magazines Project invites proposals for papers which explore the role magazines have played in the broad networks of modernist art, ideas and politics in shaping and re-articulating regional, national, and cross-national identities. The conference will concentrate on but not be limited to the period 1880-1960 in Britain, Europe and the USA. Papers which fall outside these parameters but illuminate the conference themes are welcome.

The conference will be held at the University of Sussex from 15th to 17th July 2009. The deadline for the submission of proposals (200-250 words) is the 15th February 2009. Proposals for papers should be sent to: Christian Weikop(, Dr Christian Weikop, School of Humanities, Arts B229 University of Sussex, Falmer Brighton BN1 9QN.

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