Thursday, 12 August 2010

Publication: DADA Een geschiedenis

Hubert van den Berg
Dada. Een geschiedenis
Van Tilt : Nijmegen, June 2010
ISBN 9789075697971.

The book Dada. A history of Hubert van den Berg drags the reader into the depths of dada and shows us its true face. Because many aspects of dada are very dada, in the past the Dadaists were more than once misunderstood and often lost in the jumble of dada. Van den Berg knows this tangle to unravel, and shows the reader the full glory and horror of dada. Dada is the mirror in which humanity could see the world in its true form, and Van den Berg helps the reader to understand what he sees. In addition, Van den Berg's book, the first Dada history of Dutch origin, offers the reader a comprehensive description of the generation, dissemination, development and finally the collapse of Dada. In Dutch.