Sunday, 23 September 2007

Avant-Garde and Criticism

Avant-Garde and Criticism
Klaus Beekman and Jan de Vries (Eds.)
Amsterdam/New York NY, 2007
361 pp.
ISBN 978-90-420-2152-5
Series: Avant-Garde Critical Studies 21

Table of Contents:

  • Klaus BEEKMAN and Jan de VRIES: Introduction. Criticism and Avant-Garde
  • Jean-Roch BOUILLER: Art Criticism and Avant-Garde: André Lhote’s Written Works
  • Ben REBEL: Architectural Criticism in de 8 en OPBOUW
  • Ansje van BEUSEKOM: Theo van Doesburg and Writings on Film in De Stijl
  • Peter G.F. EVERSMANN: The International Theatre Exhibition of 1922 and the Critics
  • Nico LAAN: The Making of a Reputation: the Case of Cobra
  • Hugo VERDAASDONK: Avant-Garde Reviewing of New Book Releases. A Case Study from The Netherlands
  • Willem G. WESTSTEIJN: Mayakovsky as Literary Critic
  • Gregor LANGFELD: German Art in The Netherlands before and after World War II
  • Arie HARTOG: Banality in Art Criticism. Comments on the Reception of Art in the German Daily Press of the 1920s
  • Hubert F. van den BERG: A Victorious Campaign for Dadaism? On the Press Coverage of the Dutch Dada Tour of 1923
  • Klaus BEEKMAN: The Inevitability of Argumentative Criticism. Theo van Doesburg and the Constructive Review
  • Ralf GRÜTTEMEIER: On Intentionality and Avant-Garde Criticism
  • Wiljan van den AKKER and Gillis DORLEIJN: Resistance to the Avant-Garde. Criticism of the Avant-Garde in Dutch Literary Periodicals
  • Sabine van WESEMAEL: Dutch Contemporaries on Proust and the Historic Avant-Garde
  • Hestia BAVELAAR: The Writing Artists of the Magazine Kroniek van Kunst en Kultuur (Chronicle of Art and Culture) in the Period 1935-1941

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Monday, 17 September 2007

Picabia - Poetry, Prose, and Provocation

Francis Picabia
I Am a Beautiful Monster. Poetry, Prose, and Provocation
Translated by Marc Lowenthal
The MIT Press : Cambridger MA, September 30, 2007
560 pp. ISBN-10: 0262162431 / ISBN-13: 978-0262162432

Very little of Picabia's poetry and prose has been translated into English, and his literary experiments have never been the subject of close critical study. I Am a Beautiful Monster is the first definitive edition in English of Picabia's writings, gathering a sizable array of Picabia's poetry and prose and, most importantly, providing a critical context for it with an extensive introduction and detailed notes by the translator.
I Am a Beautiful Monster provides the texts of all of Picabia's significant publications, his books Fifty-two Mirrors, Poems and Drawings of the Daughter Born without a Mother, Purring Poetry, Unique Eunuch, Yes No, Chi-lo-sa, Thoughts without Language, and others, all presented complete, many of them accompanied by their original illustrations.